Journal Universitas Halmahera
Jefrey Oxianus Sabarua
Writing a scientific article is a necessity for teachers of Elementary School. In addition to turn scientific culture, to write a positive activity for the intellectual quality of teachers. With writing, the teacher will be more diligent in reading, researching, analyze and poured his ideas for the advancement of education and in particular the changes in learning at the primary level. Today many media space given to teachers writing, both popular scientific articles, essays, features and more.
Writing became one of the components to improve the quality and professional competence. Teachers are not just expected to abide by pedagogical competence, personal and social. The task of designing and teachers not only teach, but also the publication of scientific papers, both in magazines, journals and mass media. Writing in the mass media are very different from those in journals and books, as a written language to be popular, as the issue, and the actual solutions.
In improving professional competence, teachers are required meet Profession Sustainable Development in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform No. 16 of 2009 on Functional Master and credit figures. The regulation describes the Profession Sustainable Development activity is the main element that given the number of credits for career development of teachers, in addition to two other major elements. The three main elements include (1) education; (2) learning / coaching and (3) the additional task or other tasks that are relevant. Permenpan RB No. 16 of 2009 split Profession Sustainable Development consists of 3 components including self-development, scientific publications and innovative work.
Scientific publications not only in journals, but also in the form of popular scientific articles in the field of formal education and learning in the educational unit which was published in the mass media (newspapers) at national, provincial and local. Therefore, the professional competence of teachers can be achieved by fulfilling activities Profession Sustainable Development by writing in the mass media. That if achieved, then became one of the instruments to enhance the professional competence of teachers and achieve the dream of a professional teacher.