Journal Universitas Halmahera
Erland Mouw dan Yulinda Uang
Research Analysis Symptoms Pathology Bureaucracy in office districts Sahu Eastern motivated by the problems in the pathology to the bureaucracy which is a phenomenon arising from the behavior of rogue bureaucrats starting from small things like coming in late, leave early, skipping work, play games or social networks, and most menggurita today ditubuh bureaucracy is corrupt. Behavior like that which make the performance of the bureaucracy was not optimal. Therefore, through this study the authors wanted melacat and analyze symptoms patogoli present in the body of the bureaucracy at the District Office East Sahu. This study design using qualitative methods with data collection techniques by observation and in-depth interviews. The results of the study to get an interesting fact is that the behavior of bureaucrats at the district office East Sahu still showed pathological bureaucracy as counter-productive actions; Absence of developing ability; Low quality of work; Learning disabilities; incompetence; Engage in activities that are not relevant; Low capacity; Working unproductive. These findings do with observation and interviews with informants by using purposive sampling. Analysis shows that (1). The weak application of discipline in complying with regulations regarding the discipline. (2). Increased surveillance and law keadaran also on the performance of the district office bureaucrats East Sahu is an absolute and urgent. (3). Improved ability, skill, and integrity of the bureaucrats need to be continuously assessed, not only when the time of recruitment but also when placed in the Eastern District Office Sahu.